Meet the Team


Rich: The hometown hero, Rich was born and raised in Tacoma. With a deep connection to the city and its residents, he’s built his dream company in the heart of Downtown Tacoma. As the CEO of Sky Creative, he’s the leading force for the company. Finding the business alongside his brother and business partner Clemm Rishad, Sky Creative continues to grow with their influence. His biggest inspiration in life is his belief in God, and following his heart to do what’s right. Rich’s dream job is what he’s doing right now, creating a creative space for all of Tacoma to build their future careers upon.


Clemm: A one of a kind talent and businessman, Clemm Rishad has been captivating Tacoma for the past decade. Coming out of Tacoma, Washington, Rashid created the Sky Movement and later Sky Creative through a partnership with his brother Rich. Clemm’s biggest artistic and business influences stem from his favorite artists. These include Jay-Z, Beyonce and many more. Working alongside industry giants such as Meek Mill, Rashid continues to push the boundaries of Tacoma artists. When he’s not making music, you can catch him designing clothes or running games of NBA 2K. As for a dream job, Clemm put it best himself. He’s already living the life he loves, creating music and working in the community.


PJ: A natural born hustler, PJ was born in Colorado Springs and later relocated to Tacoma. Working as the project manager for Sky Creative, he was recruited while graduating from Central Washington University. When he’s not making business plans or creating lucrative deals, he enjoys watching the NBA and NCAA for his basketball fix. He admires the charisma of both President Obama and The Rock, who he draws great inspiration from. PJ’s dream job is to work in a career that allows him to do whatever he wants.


Ross: Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ross relocated to the Northwest pursuing love for music and project management. Originally finding Sky Creative from the art in the windows. From that spark of interest, he was able to connect with Rich and the rest was history. An NBA 2K fanatic, Ross also finds enjoyment with social outings and outdoor activities. With inspirations such as Steve Jobs and Kanye West, he draws inspiration from the creative works derived from world famous personalities. Ross dreams big, and that's why he fits with Sky Creative.


Carli: Carli got her to start with Sky Creative as a design intern. Born and partially raised in Northern California, she eventually relocated to Washington. Infatuated with art since a young age, Carli is a beyond talented artist. Working as Sky’s lead designer and creative director, her work and influence are felt throughout the office. Aside from design and painting, Carli finds enjoyment through baking and creating jewelry. She draws her inspiration from people who work hard for their goals, the things we’ve achieved at Sky, and the future to come.


Alleon: Alleon loves business and everything that it brings to the table. With a multitude of talents, Alleon has great experience in investing and understanding the inner-workings of the business world. A recent Central Washington University graduate with a degree in Business, he’s pursuing his dreams of creating his own future. Originally come to Sky Creative with an interest in music, he’s fit in the team perfectly.

kade (1).png

Kade: Finding Sky Creative through a program at the University of Washington Tacoma, Kade was infatuated with the business at first sight. Graduating this June with a Bachelors in Communication, he works as the Social Media Manager. Alongside his media prowess, he also acts as the resident copywriter for the business. He loves basketball, international hip-hop, and fashion. If he’s not working, you can find him trying new food places or writing for When asked who his biggest inspirations are, he said that his family overall pushes him to succeed in everything he does.

mort (1).png

Mort: Coming from California, Mort is an avid traveler. Working as a design intern for Sky Creative, they attend the Northwest College of Art and Design. This is where they found Sky Creative, and since they’ve been creating one of a kind projects (Like this portrait!) for our business. Infatuated with art and design, Mort has an exceptional talent and dedication towards their craft. Aside from drawing, Mort enjoys playing video games and watching horror movies.

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Tiffany: Born in Albany Oregon, Tiffany has an artistic touch like few others. Working as our design intern, she has a one of a kind eye for design. She originally found our team by attending Northwest College of Art and Design next door to our previous office. When she’s not drawing, she enjoys watching anime, cosplaying and dreaming of her future house. Her biggest inspiration is her friends back in Oregon, who introduced her to the things she enjoys now. Tiffany wants to work as a package designer as her future career.